Khat – An Unnecessary Distraction. Many people are missing the point, it is not about Islamisation or less Chinese/Tamil or less this or that!

Is it really necessary at this point in time to add KHAT for the children to learn? Even with the soft approach moving from compulsory to optional for the vernacular schools (Chinese & Tamil), the question remains why now? Do we need it at this point in time? Is it so important?

Black shoes, Matriculation, Swimming and now Khat. Can’t the government get the priority right? If these are introduced after a revamped Education System in place, it will not be an issue. 

Malaysians are tired of constant politicking and create distraction in order to run away from the real responsibility to reform our Education System.

If the Education Minister announces that starting next year our Primary 2 children will be taught to use conputers and do Powerpoint presentation, will the reaction be like Khat? 

If the Education Minister want to emphasize on vocational schools because there Is good future, will there be such uproar?

We need a solid foundation education to prepare our children to face the World rather than politicking at the expense of their future.

It Is sad indeed, the B40’s will be disadvantaged compared to the richer parents sending their childrens to private schools which are more relavant comparatively. 

No issues with Arts education but not now. We need a revamped education road map for the future of our young Malaysians especially those in B40 that don’t have a choice. 

The majority of B40 are Malays incase doubts are created by politicians about who will benefit the most.

We are still playing catch up with IR 4.0 curriculum when others are already gearing for the fifth industrial revolution.

Based on the snail’s pace reforms taking place for Educational reforms, perhaps Pakatan Harapan’s political will to push through real changes is severely lacking.
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