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A must to do tradition for our family on the eve of Deepavali, whereby we remember, honour and cherish our ancestors sacrifices for us by visiting their graves.

As a family we clear overgrown grass, sweep, and tidy their tombstone area, offer food, deepavali cookies, drinks including alcohol. We then pray to our ancestors by burning incense sticks, sambrani (benzoin) and camphor after placing fresh flowers both in garland and loose form.

It started raining while we were praying today and rain signifies heaven’s blessing 🙏🏻.

May GOD help us to find the Light in Darkness, and over come this Covid-19 pandemic soon.

Tonight we will pray to our ancestors at home “padayal” followed by a family dinner.

“Padayal” is an offering to our ancestors made on the eve of Deepavali. This is done to bring about our ‘Ancestors’ memories seeded deep within, in our DNA (kundalini pot).

It is very important to pray together which is why a “padayal” ‘ is served. We are made to chant and are even made to share the food served to ancestors so that everyone gets connected.

As for the prayers, we sit together with family members and focus on the ones who have passed away. Focusing on ancestors who were good natured, strong and wise would be more beneficial. We will also Lit oil lamps according to the number of ancestors we wish to pray and invoke.

This is normally done in the night after 7.00 pm as there is less unnatural noise frequencies compared to the day.



Chant this Mantra to balance your biorhythm for 3 minutes.

After completing the cycle, breathe in deep and exhale as much as you can. Keep doing it nine times.

Keep focusing on the image of your preferred ancestors. It can be one person and it can be more too but don’t have more than nine. You might not be able to focus. Keep their image in your mind and chant again;

Shrim. Hrim. Klim. Hrim

Do it for minimum nine minutes, If you can stretch the time to 18 or 27 minutes, you would bring to life more of their energy.

This energy from your ancestors would give you the inner strength to go through the weakest period smoothly.

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