Thirukkural.  A Law book to Life Science.

It surpasses allthe boundaries of country, caste, creed, race, nationality, group or movement.

It has been translated into most languages  of the world and the most interpreted book in Tamil language.

It comprises 3 volumes, 9 sub divisions, 133 chapters and 1330 verses.

It was supposed to be composed about the period A.D.3. It is said that the interpreters sprang only after thousand years after the book was composed. It is understood that several interpreters appeared after the 18th century.

1. On Virtue

i. Introductory

  • Chapter 1- 4

ii. On Domestic Life

  • Chapter 5-24

iii. Asceticism

  • Chapter 25-37

iv.  Destiny*

  • Chapter 38

2. Wealth

i. Government

  • Chapter 39-63

ii. The Ministry

  • Chapter 64-73

iii. On Fort

  • Chapter 74-75

iv. Resources

  • Chapter 76

v. On the Army

  • Chapter 77-78

vi. Friendship

  • Chapter 79-95

vii. Civics

  • Chapter 96-108

3. Happiness

i. Pre Marital Love

  • Chapter 109-115

ii. Post Marital Love

  • Chapter 116-133