Majlis Gagasan Malaysia’s Chairman and “WE ARE MALAYSIANS” Movement Coordinator Manivannan Rethinam, strongly condemn the action of non-governmental organisation (NGO) known as Jabat who decided to take matters into their own hands by harassing the staff at the Speedmart convenience store to remove the alcohol sold in the store and urge all Malaysians to do the same. He added, we all should be outraged by the action of this NGO who forces the convenience store staff to stop selling alcohol by taking the law into their own hands.

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Based on the video (posted on 24th May 2018), they were objecting loudly to the sale of alcohol in their area as the township has a majority of Malay Muslims who were forbidden to touch alcohol. They demanded that the store’s staff empty the fridge of alcohol and stood watch as an employee started taking out the bottles and cans. Some of the men at the scene can be heard saying that they were recording the whole process as they did not want to be accused of physically harming the staff or the items in the store.

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A few of them said, “It’s not like we want to do any damage to the store but if they refused to remove the alcohol then we will have to smash it. They don’t want to listen when we are asking them nicely to do so.” In another video, a spokesman and few others gathered around while holding copies of the report. They announced that they had successfully stopped the sale of alcohol in Manjoi (Perak).

I again call upon all peace loving Malaysians to stand united as Malaysians and censure and stop Islamist Hooliganism and religious extremism that causes disunity. I am disappointed that that none of the elected representatives or the newly appointed Ministers have spoken against this Islamist Hooliganism that could lead to aggression amongst multiracial and multi religious, peace loving Malaysians. I strongly urge the Inspector General of Police to investigate and take the necessary action against this religious hooligans immediately.

It is the responsibility of all Malaysians to take a firm stand against divisive forces that can tear apart our social fabric and cause disunity. We must reject the racial and religious extremists who incite racial and religious hatred, and stand together to rise above politics and unite as Malaysians in working towards building our multi-racial nation into a united Malaysian.






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