Due to the continued MIC infighting, the Malaysian Indian Community has lost one Cabinet representation / Minister from the earlier two. However at the same time, if the Prime Minister removed the Minister because he aired his differences in an open forum than the right thing would have been to replace with another candidate to ensure Indian Community’s needs are given the needed importance. Since all the important ministry portfolio’s has been filled-up, even if the PM decides to return the additional Minister position after the party re-election, the only available Minister positions will be the Minister in Prime Ministers Department or as Second Minister to certain Ministry which clearly shows, the Indian Community has lost what was gained after more than 30 years due to selfish leaders who put themselves first and failed to give priority to the interests of the party and the community. It is indeed a sad day in the history of  MIC & the Malaysian Indian community.

Manivannan Rethinam​, A.M.P.
Majlis Gagasan Malaysia




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