I’m absolutely dumbfounded with the alleged decision to ban the “Undilah” campaign video from being aired over Malaysian television by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC). The move clearly contradicts our Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s efforts for greater democracy and political liberalisation. The ban should be revoked.
Watch the 4.38-minute PSA public service video announcement here directed by local musician Pete Teo below. The video is about asking people to exercise their rights to come out and vote and clearly non-partisan.

Update – 24th Sept: According MCMC, the Film Censorship Board has yet to approve the four-and-a-half minute public service announcement (PSA) produced by musician Pete Teo. “As such, the PSA should not have been aired on television till approval had been obtained”.

Come on MCMC, does PSA really need a FCB,s approval? Further more the PSA has been already aired and I don’t see any offending or controversial contents that needs to be censored. Just revoke the ban to avoid further bad publicity. Mistakes do happen.



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