There are people (Muslims & non-Muslims) claiming that RUU355 has nothing to do with non-Muslims. Only an ignoramus would say something so absurd. RUU355 is seeking to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (Act 355) which will affect the fundamentals of the Federal Constitution thus it affects all Malaysians.

PAS is claiming, it will apply only to Muslims but when the time comes, the Hudud and Qisas law will be extended to non-Muslims. Even now the existing Syariah laws are already impacting non-Muslims. To claim the amendment will involve only Kelantan is also incorrect. Act 355 is a federal law. It applies throughout Malaysia. The proposal does not say it will apply only in Kelantan. These amendments are not hudud, that is true, but they are the first step towards it.

If the amendment is passed, Kelantan Pas government can move state assembly to pass a law providing for hudud punishment for hudud offences under the State List of the Ninth Schedule of the Federal Constitution, such as adultery, accusing a woman of committing adultery, drinking intoxicating drinks and apostasy.

The current attempt to bulldoze the amendment through Parliament would not solve the present inconsistencies and conflicts of jurisdiction between Civil and Syariah courts. It is really irresponsible for politicians to dismiss the fears and concerns of non-Muslims in Malaysia. It can be seen clearly the proposed amendments to RUU355 has become extremely politicised.

The fear and concerns are not just between Muslims and non-Muslims but among Muslims as well. The Muslims are split between those who believe the refusal to support the motion; even the act of questioning the wisdom of putting through the motion at this time; tantamount to a rejection of Allah’s decree and those who do not subscribe to the view. The impact of all these political maneuverings have raised fears and clearly creating a divide between Malaysians.


We are unequivocally opposed to the proposal to amend Act 355 which is undermining our unity and threatens our way of life.



Majlis Gagasan Malaysia
(Former MIC National Information Vice Chairman)



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